Kapiti Cheese Society

To encourage greater consumption of Kapiti specialty cheese, Kapiti Cheese and Dish teamed up to promote the Kapiti Cheese Society.

Latest ‘Kapiti Cheese Society’ cover

We showcased Kapiti Cheese and the Society across multiple channels:

  • Double-page advertorials in two issues of Dish magazine (and one in New Zealand Weddings)
  • Five ‘Cheese Heroes’ features in the Dish email newsletter
  • Product listings in dishpantry.co.nz 
  • Hosted ads on dish.co.nz
  • 10 dedicated posts on Dish’s Facebook page
  • The chance to win a Dick Frizzell print for signing up
  • The chance to win a Dish subscription for signing up

We had a 38% average open rate of the Cheese Hero EDMs, more than 2,000 unique page views of the Dish Pantry information, and more than 4,000 Facebook likes across the 10 posts. 

Overall, this campaign exceeded expectations, hitting its targets for sign-ups, campaign penetration and MAT value, and reaching all of it KPIs.