Silver Fern Farms - Best of Beef

Silver Fern Farms wanted to make a big impact with the launch of their premium beef range and came to us for ideas.

Latest ‘Silver Fern Farms - Best of Beef’ cover

Our response was to create a multi-channel content and advertising campaign powered primarily by Dish magazine’s print and digital channels.

We created original video content featuring chef Martin Bosley cooking Silver Fern Farms beef. The videos featured on alongside a special ‘best of beef’ recipe section, on the Dish Facebook page, in Dish emails and via Silver Fern Farms’ own channels. 

We also ran brand ads online and included branded content in Dish magazine.

The partnership between Silver Fern Farms and Dish has successfully introduced consumers to the beef range. Keen cooks now know the range is available in supermarket, they’re confident in the product’s quality and they’ve been inspired to try new recipes and get the best results from their cooking. 

Since the initial launch, we’ve produced more videos with Martin Bosley to promote the new Silver Fern Farms Flat-Iron Steak and have used all content to extend the campaign through the Dish network.