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Launched in 2004, Habitat has always been a magazine ahead of its time. Resene and Habitat were doing ‘content marketing’ before the phrase was even coined, and today Habitat has become the poster child for similar concepts.

The magazine and website inspire and delight readers with stunning colour schemes used in local homes, while imparting good advice about painting, renovating and building. Habitat showcases the value of using Resene products, while making customers feel valued by Resene (the magazine is free to loyalty cardholders). In a market rich with information from global sources, Habitat gives overwhelmed homeowners advice on products and paint colours that are available locally. It highlights Resene’s position in the market as a designer of fashionable hues and quality paint.

The brand empowers people to interpret current styles with confidence, while delivering a compelling yet subtle colour message.

Readership Stats

Circulation: 1,106,455Readership:291,000Facebook:18,771Instagram:10,688EDM:262,000